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About Starlights


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The Starlight energy is one that touches so many of us here on Earth. Why do we feel so connected to the stars? Is it because we have journeyed to these realms on many occasions, travelled the galaxies, been part of the cosmos and known ourselves as stellar light beings? Some of us have specific and clear memories of lifetimes in other realms and many of us yearn for the sense of connection, oneness, expansion and unconditional love we have known before.

In 2012 I was guided very strongly to offer a Starlight Series of workshops and so began a new chapter in my life and work. The Light Language which I began to speak – somewhat tentatively and only occasionally – back in 2010 suddenly poured through me unstoppably. My stellar connections began to deepen, my sense of expansion increased exponentially and my awareness was upgraded and I wanted to share these experiences with others.

I was shown three essences, given colours and names and words and at then my request, these were created specifically for this Starlight work by the fabulous Melissie Jolly, creator and founder of Colour Mirrors. In 2013, three further essences came to join the first three and in November 2014 a further two were added to make up the Starlight Set. As our Ascension journey continues to lead us ever upwards these essences open doors, light the way and guide us home – home to the truth of the light we have always been. The Starlights are a range of specific frequencies designed to reconnect you with this truth. They take us beyond what we have ‘known’ with our minds into the knowing that we are each a unique strand in the Divine tapestry, a brilliant point of light that is both individuated and entirely encapsulated in the One.



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