Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

We have a more health conscious society now and it is hard to ignore those warning signs on packets of cigarettes.  I don’t need to bleat on about the benefits of stopping smoking or the damage smoking can do – you know that already although you probably don’t allow yourself to think about the consequences too often or very deeply.

The reason people struggle to stop smoking is because of their beliefs about the benefits of smoking and habits they have formed around cigarettes, eg that first one in the morning with your coffee, or that one at 10 am to give you an excuse to get out of the office, or the one in the evening that helps you switch off from work.  Nicotine is not the issue, within 48 hours nicotine is out of your system; then we are just left with your beliefs around cigarettes, why you feel you need them.

I find that people who smoke have very few positive things to say about cigarettes.  I ask them what they like about cigarettes and often they struggle to say one single positive thing, perhaps the most common response is “they relax me”.  I can tell you now that cigarettes can cause anxiety and that plenty of people relax without cigarettes so it is possible to create new positive lifestyles habits.

My stop smoking therapy is unique.  I seek to obliterate your belief system around cigarettes so you recognise that you have the power to stop.  Remember, the nicotine is out of your system in 48 hours.

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Just wanted to say thank you for helping me to stop smoking.  I feel really positive about it and completely different to when I have tried to stop in the past.  I went out at the weekend for some drinks at a friends house and it’s like the smoking part of my brain isn’t there anymore.   A few of my friends went out for a cigarette and I went with them but smoking didn’t even factor in it for me, I had no emotion about it either way which was really surprising.  I can’t really articulate it very well but the best way I can explain it is that when I am in a situation where I would usually crave a cigarette its like I am trying to recall a dream but nothing is coming back to me, like a blank spot in my memory. – Anon