Sports Performance

sports performance

Being a competitive athlete, I understand what is needed physically and mentally with regards to sport.  Obviously some sports are more physical than others but every single sport relies on a strong, focussed and positive mentality to help you succeed. 

I have worked with people from many areas of sport including golf, swimming, shooting, motor racing and boxing to help them get into that positive mindset and believe they can succeed.

Very often our lack of belief is linked to previous events, often not remembered at a conscious level, which is why the techniques I use are so beneficial. 

I teach you some of the very same techniques that I have used to help me in my sport to help you get into the perfect mindset for your sport.

Whatever level you are striving for, having a mindset of focus, confidence and calm will help you achieve your full potential.

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I had heard good things about Ann but was extremely sceptical that she could help me with my focus when playing Golf. I used to be highly competitive but in recent years I have been bringing all my troubles to the golf course and this was impacting my game and focus. Ann is extremely professional, explains the process in a simple but informative way and her methods, despite my initial doubts, have produced excellent results. After each session I left with a feeling of well being, totally relaxed and my focus and golf continues to get better and better. I would recommend Ann to anybody who want clear their mind of all their troubles, become calm and confident and become a better person.