Self-harming is a response to emotions that are hard to control or feel.  It serves as a distraction and release of emotions such as self-loathing, sadness, guilt or rage.  Self-harming may be conducted because you feel this is one area of your life you can control.

The relief felt from the self-harming is only felt for a short period of time and there feels a need to repeat the behaviour.

In order to stop this behaviour, we address the underlying emotions and traumas that you have suffered in a safe and confidential environment.  The first step is making that call or sending that email and then you can start to feel empowered to take charge of your life.

I believe most people have negative behaviour because they do not believe just how powerful they are and fail to recognise the choices they have in life so I offer you an opportunity to make these positive changes by working with you at your pace.

Please contact me for more information.
Ann was recommended to me by a friend who had bene helped by Ann for her depression and anxiety. I decided I had nothing to lose by going along to see Ann. I am quite a nervous person but Ann was really lovely.

Self-harming is such a private issue to deal with so talking about it was initially a challenge but Ann calmly guided me and I felt very safe. Ann used a few different therapies on me – hypnotherapy, tapping and colour therapy. I was amazed at the colour therapy – this is colour bottles, the wording was completely relevant. Some of them were scented too and they were so calming. Ann has helped me massively overcome issues related to my self-harming and now I am back in control. I have more work to do but as Ann says “we are all work in progress”. I have no idea how the colour therapy works but those bottles are incredible and I would not hesitate in going back to Ann if I felt the need.