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I have been working with QuantumWave Lasers for a relatively short period of time but am already impressed with the results.

Scaler Wave energy is healing energy.  A healthy cell will reproduce a healthy cell.  Whereas an unhealthy cell will reproduce another unhealthy cell.  This is why we get stuck in chronic illness, pain or injury.

The cold laser therapy can help with many issues including injuries and other health issues. Cold lasers clear cell memory giving the body the opportunity to create healthy cells again. These lasers help to release stress and tension from the body and help to provide wellness by dissolving cellular memory and inducing a ‘Stillpoint’ response.  I have used them myself to release chronic injury and use them daily to help me ‘unwind’ from the day’s activities. In fact I use them just before I go to sleep to induce a great night’s rest.  Clients are already seeing great success on areas such as neuropathy and lymphedema.

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The Quantumwave Scalar Laser comprises a handheld device which has 16 laser diodes utilising red, infrared and violet wavelengths.  By using different frequencies of light, the healing is tailored around an individual need.

Additionally individual probes are used; red reaches the surface tissues and stimulates blood, oxygen, electrons and ATP (energy molecules).  It works with nerve, skin, muscle, pain and many other areas.

The infrared probe works deeper into the body through the deeper seated tissue such as bone, cartilage and discs. It helps to increase positive hormones such as endorphins and serotonin.   The infrared light is reported to help with increasing bone density which would be of benefit to someone suffering osteoporosis.  Our bodies regenerate therefore, by using these lasers, we can regenerate ‘healthy’ cells rather than getting stuck in chronic health issues caused by reproduction by our bodies of unhealthy cells.

The violet probe is one of the reasons which makes Scaler Lasers unusual as most laser technology does not include violet laser.  The violet laser is anti-ageing, helps to remove emotional stress and bacterial issues.  My clients have found it beneficial at helping to remove inflammation.

The Quantumwave Scalar Laser is an FDA-approved device.

Whatever your issue is, it is worth enquiring to find out how I can help you.

Purchasing Lasers

Alternatively, you can purchase your very own laser and/or probes from me – click here for more information.