Insomnia is usually the result of stress.  If we have short term stress, we may have a couple of disturbed nights sleep.  However, prolonged stress leads to insomnia which can impact your life in many ways.

Along with insomnia often comes poor eating and drinking habits as well as weight gain, depression and anxiety.

I work with you to help you relax prior to bedtime and with techniques to help you sleep deeper and for longer.  We also work to resolve the underlying causes of the insomnia giving you every reason to return to more positive sleeping patterns and thereby waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and positive ready for the day ahead.

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I just thought I would let you know (as I know you like feedback) that I did have the most amazing nights sleep! Woke once but went straight off again and awoke feeling like I was ready to get up and go. Now I know it is possible long may it continue. Thank you so much, my visits to you have been worth every penny that’s for sure. – Bev M.