Approximately a quarter of the population will suffer with some kind of mental health problem each year.    From my experience, depression happens due to events that happen to us in our lives and the way we perceive the world.  There is no doubt that some people are more prone to being depressed than others but this by no means indicates that we aren’t all susceptible to depression.

When people suffer with depression it can impact their energy levels, work life, social life and family life.   There will be times when depression goes undiagnosed and this may be due to the fact that no medical help is sought.

Depression can lead to weight issues, anxiety and self-harming.  In it’s worst form, it can result in suicidal thoughts.

I have worked with people who suffer with mild to severe depression.  As with other issues I work in a bespoke way and in the case of depression this is absolutely imperative. 

Events in our lives can lead to depression.  These events may be related to our childhood, being over-stressed for a long period, grief, relationship issues or many other events can trigger depression.  If you think you are immune from depression, you are not.  Depression can creep up on you but the good news is that you can take control and make changes to rebalance your mind and body by working with me.

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Ann enabled me to open myself up to feeling loved and give love to my baby girl, my boys and my husband and to trust again. I can now sleep peacefully, switching off to all the noise of everyday life. I can confidently stand tall and walk into buildings that once left me a quivering, sobbing wreck. While I know the journey was mine alone to make, it was my choosing to put these events to rest and my knowing that the time was right for me to accept these changes, I couldn’t have made that journey without Ann’s unfailing guidance every step of the way, to see the journey to its conclusion. Ann really has a gift for instilling trust, a feeling of safety and calmness in her little sanctuary. Ann has given me my life back, given my husband back his wife and soul mate and my children their loving mother, for that we are all eternally grateful.