Colour Mirrors

Colour Mirrors

Colour Mirrors is an incredible system created by Melissie Jolly.  I started to work with them in April 2014 and they have continued to amaze me and the people that come into contact with the Colour Mirrors bottles; even the sceptics.

Colour Mirrors comprises of bottles of oil and water – often with a different colour on top to the bottle and essences.  They have specific wording linked to them, which offers understanding and a new perspective.  We have a subconscious link to colour which has been used in healing for centuries.  This unconscious awareness means that we will be drawn to the bottles that will help us the most as they reflect back at us our life path, our issues, our emotions, blocks to success and our challenges.   

If you live life in accordance with what the Colour Mirrors are about your life will be peaceful, loving and blissful to say the least. 

Personally since working with them I have learned so much about life and patterns in other people’s lives and this has helped me massively in my work with clients.  I will often combine therapies such as Hypnotherapy, Colour Mirrors and Emotional Freedom Technique, which makes for a power pack of therapy.

I encourage you to attend the workshops, which are quite incredible.   When you get a group together the energy can be quite astonishing.  You will learn a lot about yourself, life and how to make positive changes.  If you are seeking to make positive life changes then the Colour Mirrors are a huge asset in that regard.

I really cannot put into words the benefits of Colour Mirrors and what an incredible system this is so all I can suggest is that you come and try it – whether that be a one to one session or a workshop.

Please contact me for more information.

The coloured mirrors workshop was very enlightening, it leaves you with a wonderful feeling of calmness and togetherness within yourself, it is addictive! it is not coloured mirrors as you would think but bottles filled with an array of colours and mostly two in one bottle, these are aromatherapy oils so have a therapeutic effect . The amazing thing about the mirrors is because they reflect your feelings. Each bottle means something different and is always correct to reflect your emotions, these help heal, soothe the emotions and also help you move on with your issues, anxiety, obsessive behaviour, parent issues that you have carried around with you all your life etc. Ann is a very professional and competent therapist and her love of her work shows, she has a relaxed and gentle persona which puts you at ease instantly. There is no- one else that works with such integrity and depth in Guernsey, Ann you are a welcomed breath of fresh air for the mind, we all have issues that affect us and our behaviour to others. Ann can help your mind and ease that inner conflict, I have seen Ann at work and was very impressed with how she dealt with even the most sensitive of subjects