“A unique evening”

If you have seen the Colour Mirror bottles you are probably wondering what they are all about.  Not only do they look beautiful but they help us in so many ways.  We are very in tune with colour at a subconscious level and we find ourselves selecting the ‘perfect’...

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Anxiety Panic

Anxiety – You are not alone

Anxiety comes in different forms and is experienced by all ages to differing degrees.  It can be very specific, for example related purely to situations where there are lots of people around or it can be general.  Very often anxiety is ‘learned behaviour‘ – perhaps due to a parent...

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Hypnotherapy Approaches for Weight Loss

One of the greatest problems facing our society currently is obesity. With many diets on the market, all making miraculous claims, it can be challenging to know which one to choose that will meet your requirements. There are always lots of claims without much substance.   Regular dieting can also...

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