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More Than Hypnotherapy

The Bowditch Method I had a client session yesterday which really struck me on just how powerful the work I do is.  The message I really want to get out there is please consider the holistic route.  I feel very strongly that, if I had seen this client nearer their...

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I.B.S. Holistic Solutions

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.) can be quite distressing for sufferers.   Symptoms include diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, flatulence, bloating and abdominal cramps which can be incredibly painful. Some people also report heartburn, headaches, lower back pain, sleep difficulties, muscle pain and fatigue. Along with the physical symptoms, sufferers often feel...

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Beating The Bullies

Bullying is not just something that happens in schools and with children.  Bullying happens in the workplace, in social groups, on the internet, in sport and other activities.  Many of us have been bullied at some point in our lives. There are many behaviours that constitute bullying.  Here are...

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A Holistic Approach to Health

Have you noticed that health issues are changing as the world we live in changes.  People are being effected more by digestive issues, lack of exercise, lack of nutrients, electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) from mobile phones and other technology, there are more chronic fatigue illnesses, depression and undiagnosed illnesses. Much...

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Panic Attacks – Get Me Out of Here

Out-of-the-blue a panic attack happens, as if it comes from nowhere. You may not understand why it happened, which leaves you feeling you have no control over your own reactions.  This is because the subconscious mind notices ‘perceived’ danger far quicker than the conscious mind and reacts accordingly with the ‘fight...

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Getting to Grips with Anxiety

Most, if not all, of us have felt anxious at some point in life.  It’s one thing to feel a little anxious about an upcoming exam or job interview but when the anxiety starts to impact your life and stop you taking part in events, it is important to get...

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