Sharing the colour love

Today, I took my spritzers and a few colour mirror oils along to my friend’s MacMillan coffee morning.  I gave a few ‘Star of David’ readings and interesting one of them had lots of pink.  Pink is the colour of  ‘love’ as well as mothering and people pleasing. This...

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Overcoming Gambling

Gambling can be a difficult habit to get rid of, but there is one treatment which stands head and shoulders above the rest because it efficiently deals with the primary root causes driving the behaviour. Not just that, but it also empowers people by teaching tools and techniques which...

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Anxiety Panic

Overcoming Anxiety

Today I attended a workshop for anxiety sufferers which was organised by PowerYoga Guernsey.  The key message was to “breathe“.  Not just breathe but to breathe into your abdomen, to be conscious of your breathing, to breathe slowly.  Breathing out at a slower rate than your in breath.  Breathing...

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