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Anxiety – That Worry Mind

Anxiety is something that many people experience and although the symptoms are generally the same, the reasons underpinning the anxiety can be vast. Some of the factors that result in anxiety can be: Lack of self esteem Lack of self confidence Suffering trauma / loss Experience bullying Financial difficulties Relationship problems...

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World Mental Health Day – Thoughts for Children

I’ve been talking a lot lately about mental health.  Nobody is immune to the possibility of having a mental health issue.  It can creep up on anyone.  Never be complacent about mental health and always seek help, preferably at an early stage, whenever you are struggling. It helps to...

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Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Future of Mental Health

Who knows how big mental health will be in 10 years time if we do not focus more on today’s youth.  Areas that help children become mentally healthy adults include: High self esteem and confidence A balance perspective on life Being active – especially outdoors Learn to understand managing...

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