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Why do I binge eat?

Binge eating is not something only overweight people do.  It’s also not something that just adults or just women do.  It is something that can impact youngsters – girls and boys, women and men of all shapes and sizes.

In my experience of helping clients to stop bingeing, it is an emotional issue which can come about for a variety of reasons.  Very often we feel emotions but we don’t like them or don’t know what to do with them so we suppress them.  That suppression of emotions has to go somewhere.  We cannot suppress emotions and issues we do not want to face in life and merrily carry on.

Many different events can trigger bingeing at any time in life.  Those teenage years can be a challenge with the variety of changes and emotions that happen, which can be the start of this type of behaviour for some.  For others, bingeing may happen much later in life, due to grief, a divorce and basically any other stress.

So those emotions can come out in a number of ways.  For some it may be to drink alcohol as a means of distraction, others it can be exercise or putting their focus into work and for many it is food.

There is a difference between emotional eating and bingeing.  Some people may have an ice-cream or chocolate bar to cheer themselves up but for those who binge eat, it can feel like a complete loss of control.

In fact for many who binge eat, the process is extremely subconscious as if you have ‘zoned out’ or gone into a ‘trance’.  Time can pass very quickly, you most likely have not noticed the taste of the food you’ve been eating, you may not even be particularly keen on some of the food you eat.  You certainly have not savoured every mouthful.  People may come out of that binge and be surprised to see so many food wrappers.  Once you start, there is no stopping.  It can be as if someone has pressed the ‘go’ button and there is no ‘stop’ button until all the food has gone or you are sick.

For some bingeing can lead to something more serious – bulimia which is the binge and purge.  This can become harder to control and can have associated body image issues.  It is of course best to address any type of eating disorder at an early stage.

Bingeing can be experienced by otherwise healthy and fit people.  It can be a very secretive experience.  Some people may buy some chocolate bars or crisps from a shop and eat it all on the way home.  Others will hide the wrappers.  There can be feelings of guilt and embarrassment that come from bingeing, building more negative emotions on top of those already suppressed emotions.

Often people who binge hardly eat anything during the day but binge during the evening.  Part of getting their eating back on track is to encourage more balanced meals and meal times.

How to deal with bingeing

Addressing the early causes of the bingeing, which may not be obvious at first, by working with the subconscious mind can be highly successful with a suitably experienced practitioner.  Also working with the subconscious to create more beneficial behaviours and learning to deal with emotions in a more powerful and healthier way.  Therapies such as hypnotherapy can be very powerful at resolving this issue.


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Ann Bowditch is a Member & Trainer registered on the General Hypnotherapy Register

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