How Do I Stop Being Anxious?

Anxiety happens because your subconscious mind wants to keep you safe.  All of those symptoms you have such as clammy hands, shortness of breath, clouded thinking, digestive system shutting down and heart racing are part of your survival mechanism.  So when that anxiety kicks in remind yourself, that your very protective subconscious is doing it’s best for you.  Albeit that subconscious mind is being over-protective.

When you have those anxiety symptoms, that amazing subconscious, which wants to do its best for you, sends signals around the body to release stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin to prepare you for fight or flight.  However in 99.99% of cases we don’t need any of that because what we are anxious about is not happening and extremely unlikely to happen.  Anxiety is usually linked to our expectations of events in the future, sometimes based on past events.

When you feel anxious, check in with NOW, ask yourself “am I safe?” and “is that thing that I am imagining actually happening now?”.  I imagine the answers are “Yes, I am safe” and “no that thing is not happening”.  Once you acknowledge this breathe – deep belly breaths.  Check in again, “right now, I’m ok, I’m safe, all is well.”

We forget just how resourceful we are.  You are a capable person with skills, knowledge, talent and resources available to you.  When you are anxious, much of that shuts down but you must understand that, in the event that something did happen, you would deal with it because that’s what we do as humans.

In a sense you only have now. The past is a memory, which you continue to give energy to, the future is a mental projection which you also give energy to. By focussing on either of these, you are missing something great and wonderful, you are missing now, this moment because, the only thing that we really have and can be sure of is this moment. In a blink that moment has gone so grasp it with all of your attention, heart, energy and life.

Imagine that time did not exist, there was no past and no future, there really only was now. How would you live your life, if there was just now?

By spending more time in the ‘now’ you can connect more with aspects of life, firstly with your all important breath – to ensure you breath deeply, fully and slowly, you can connect with nature and with good feelings.

Doing simple things like going for walks, drawing or colouring, writing poems, playing an instrument, making jewellery, looking at the stars and swimming calmly are all great ways to be in the now – try it, you may be surprised just how good these things make you feel.  Of course this is just a small list of things you can do to be in the ‘now’ – the list is almost endless.  Do what gives you pleasure.

A client came back today for his second session.  During his first session I suggested a few mindful things for him to do, one was to walk and he said how one evening he walked on the beach and spent time looking at the stars. He told me he felt so much better for doing it.

Sometimes simple things can make a notable difference.  I am not pretending that to tell you to be in the now will stop anxiety but it’s one aspect that you can work on and when I say ‘work’ what I actually mean is commit time to some pleasurable activities.  That’s not too tough is it?

If each little thing you do makes 5% difference then over time you are starting to take charge and overcoming anxiety.

I wish you well and peace of mind.


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ANN BOWDITCH is a member and trainer registered on the General Hypnotherapy Register and General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and has run her own private practice in Guernsey for 7 years. She is also a practitioner of a number of therapies including EFT, Energy in Motion, META Health, NES Health, Matrix Reimprinting, Colour Mirrors. Ann is also a RMTi Consultant – the only one in the Channel islands.  She uses her skills to help people overcome many issues including depression, health, stress, weight loss, cravings, addictions, anxiety, insomnia, bullying and confidence issues.  Ann works in a unique way often by combining therapies tailoring sessions specifically for the individual.

If you wish to find out how Ann can help you please contact her here.



If you wish to find out how Ann can help you please contact her here.

Ann Bowditch GQHP, GHR Reg., META-P
Dip (Hyp) Hypnotherapy
EFT (AAMET Certified) & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Meta-Health & Colour Mirrors Practitioner
RMTi Consultant, NES Health Practitioner
PSTEC Level 1-A (Advanced PSTEC)

Tel: 07781 111186


Ann Bowditch is a Member & Trainer registered on the General Hypnotherapy Register



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