Why Am I Flawed?

One thing that strikes me so strongly in my work is the amount of amazing people I meet, although they don’t see that brilliance in themselves.  Some people have had such huge struggles in life and yet somehow they are still functioning.  They may be struggling with depression, addictions, overeating, unhealthy habits, anger, illness or many other issues but they are still here and wanting to put things right.

As Robert Mandel said “every problem was once a solution to a previous problem”.  This means that we find ways to cope, even if those coping mechanisms are no longer serving us, at some point they served a purpose.  This is when people often seek help in order to overcome the unwanted behaviour, create good health and break free of bad habits or self sabotaging behaviour.

So when someone sits in that chair opposite me I don’t see a flawed person, I saw someone who has faced challenges and come through them.  I see strength, courage and a good person.  Then it is time to set things straight.

I don’t need to analyse you, I don’t need to put you in a box, I just need to understand you and your challenges.  Then I guide you to making those changes.  Sometimes that process involves such powerful techniques that make deep changes at a subconscious level and also at a quantum physics level – we are much more than the conscious mind, more than the subconscious mind and more than just our bodies.

Creating change at this level can be so empowering as we start to set the record straight, creating a foundation for bringing in new resources and connecting with the person you truly are and came here to be.  Then accessing far more of you, bringing in understanding and most importantly self empowerment.

When you start to experience self empowerment you create great changes.  You were never flawed, you were dealing with life in the only way you knew how with the abilities, tools and support you had available to you at the time.  Well done, you’ve made it this far.  Now….. are you ready for the next chapter?

(This article was inspired by some amazing clients – thank you for working with me.)


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