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What is True Wisdom?

As I was riding today on a rather blustery morning, I was reflecting on one particular client session this week with a 18 year old.  We were working with the Colour Mirrors bottles in what was an incredibly enlightening session.

I was explaining to my client how we grow and expand as a person through life’s experiences.  The situations that happen in our lives are there to either help us learn about ourselves, give us an opportunity to release a negative pattern or take us to our next level of expansion; or perhaps all three.  Often this leads us to finding our true life purpose.

My client asked me what would my 18 year old me think of my life now and I said she would be confused as to how I got to where I am, especially in terms of career and spirituality but also she would think it was great and fascinating.  Looking back now I can see that every key event in my life and every key person in my life, whether I perceived as good or bad, all took me to where I am now.  Some events helped me develop compassion, others helped me develop empathy, some helped me understand what it is like to feel let down, vulnerable or powerless and many other emotions.  Look for the gift to you from the experience.  Without these experiences I would struggle to do my job well.

My biggest challenges became my biggest learnings and these were the events that were pivotal in me getting to this point in time.

So what is the benefit of having reached this point?” you may ask.  When I have a ‘perceived’ negative event I recognise that there is something in it for me to either learn from, release as a pattern in my life or bring understanding.  I may not know what it is at the time and that’s fine.  I will do – all in good time.  I am able to reflect and see the bigger picture.  I am not a victim.  When you are in victim mode you have stepped outside of your power and you feel helpless – there is nothing beneficial about this, your energy is being drained, your mood drops and the cycle continues.  Where is the power in pointing at someone and saying “you did that to me”?    If you talk like a victim, behave like a victim or think you are a victim – you will be a victim.

Ask yourself “what is this about” or “what do I need to let go of” and you have the start of positive change.  Again, the answer may not come to you straight away and that’s fine.  It will – all in good time.

The question to you is – are you ready for change and are you prepared to reflect on life and realise that perhaps your perception is not as you thought it was?  Change your perception and you will feel lighter, calmer, happier and experience many other positive emotions.

Someone once said “it‘s not what happens to you in life but what you make of it” and this is so true.  I see events as ‘energy’ and energy can be changed.  We are empowered to make changes and to manifest.

When you embrace the wisdom that you gain through life you will recognise the opportunities for you to learn, grow or change and then you are empowered.  Never be a victim because that makes you powerless and that is really not the case.

Particularly over the past three years working with the Colour Mirrors system has not just enabled me to see life in a more positive way but also help release unhelpful thought processes and be open to positive change.

Below is the gorgeous ‘Wisdom Keeper’ bottle number G30.

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Chakra Healing Workshop

If you would like to experience the Colour Mirrors bottles my next workshop is on Saturday 11 February 2017 – 10 am – 4 pm.  This workshop will provide an opportunity to learn about the chakras which are energy centres within the body and can become blocked through various life stresses.  All the Colour Mirrors bottles will be out to play.  You will find the workshop both fun and enlightening.  Please contact me for more details.

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Ann runs a very success business using a range of therapies helping people with many issues such as weight, self esteem, anxiety, performance, confidence, health, addictions and many more.  She also hosts workshops on issues such as health, stress, anxiety as well as working with the incredible Colour Mirrors system.  Ann helps you to understand about yourself.  Part of her unique approach is to offer insights offering different perspectives on life.


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