What Do You Really Want in Life?

Have you ever actually thought about how you would like your life to be?

Many of us go through life not completely satisfied or happy but often not doing anything about it or indeed know how we would like our life to be.  For me personally, I seek inner peace.  I realise though that inner peace is not something you can put on your wish list for Christmas or go to a therapist and expect a one session fix to gain that inner peace.  Right now I would say I am in the process of seeking inner peace and moving in the right direction.

What is inner peace to one person is very unique, so whatever it is you do wish for in your life, start to tune into that and be specific as to what that means to ‘you’.  If you are seeking purely materialistic items then those are far easier to put in a box and tick them off your ‘want’ list.  What I am really talking about here is the things that really bring happiness or inner peace those good feelings that would be life changing.  Perhaps feelings we have occasionally but would like more often.  We know that materialistic items only bring short term pleasure as there are many examples of this in society.  Also, if you are seeking material items then I expect you will never feel fulfilled.

However, if you are seeking happiness, for example, what does happiness mean to you?  Because until you know what it is you are seeking then you are unlikely to achieve it.  If you don’t know what you want then how do you expect to get there?  It’s like getting into your car and driving around and around but not knowing where your end destination is. This is where journals can be useful; to write down thoughts and start to plan the life you want.  When you start to create a vision or awareness of what you want, you are pointing yourself in the right direction.

Ideally what you are trying to achieve is not reliant on others. I do believe that we should be whole and complete as us without needing someone else to make up 50% of us.  This is because if you feel you are not complete without that other person you are probably using up energy worrying about being abandoned by that person one way or another and that is not going to help you achieve a fulfilled life. Also by having such a strong need for another person to make you feel complete, you are doing yourself a dis-service because you are not fully valuing yourself.

For some people, life is miserable and yet they feel unable to change their life and may even feel they are a victim of circumstance.  If you feel you are a victim you are not in your power and will be more than likely unable to change your position.   Anyone that has attended one of my workshops or come to see me on a ‘one to one’ basis, knows that I do not do victimhood.  We have to abandon that in order to step fully into our power.

If you feel your circumstances are unable to change that is just one perspective but there others.  It may be a case of taking baby steps to achieve your goal but that’s fine. We live in a society which seeks quick fixes but sometimes the journey is as important as the end destination. Your own self development in bringing greater understanding of yourself and others can be hugely rewarding.

Here are a few tips to start the process off:

  • Think about what you “do” want (not what you “don’t” want) – it must be in the positive.
  • How will you know when you have it?  For example when I achieve ‘inner peace’ I will feel calm inside no matter what is happening around me.   I will be able to deal with challenging situations yet still maintain my inner peace…and so on….
  • Write down some notes about your goal.
  • Be open to change.
  • If you see others who appear to have what you would like, think about what traits and qualities they express.
  • Seek help from people that can help you reach your goal but take personal responsibility for achieving it.
  • Don’t give up at the first hurdle.  You will find challenges along the way but see those as part of the experience and an opportunity for personal growth.
  • Journal your experience and progress.
  • Consider the first step you need to take in order to achieve your goal.
  • Take that first step.

Life is full of opportunities to grow and change and when you open up to what really could be possible you start to become more of your true self.  It is a very rewarding process.

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Ann runs a very success business using a range of therapies helping people with many issues such as weight, self esteem, anxiety, performance, confidence, health, addictions and many more.  She also hosts workshops on issues such as health, stress, anxiety as well as working with the incredible Colour Mirrors system.  Ann helps you to understand about yourself.  Part of her unique approach is to offer insights offering different perspectives on life.

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