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How to be Successful with Treatment and Therapy

“Tried that, it doesn’t work” is a common response to various types of treatment and therapy.  What I have witnessed over the years of receiving treatment for my own injuries and of being a therapist has given me a good insight into why some treatments do not work for some people.  Here are a few tips to help you be more successful in your therapy or treatment.

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Take Responsibility for your Progress

If you are expecting to turn up and “be fixed” then you are most likely going to be unsuccessful.  Taking responsibility for your own success through the treatment you have sought is paramount. This means if you are given exercises (mental or physical) to do between sessions, you need to commit and do what has been asked of you as it is for your own good.  If you choose not to then you should expect a much slower rate of progress and in some cases you will not reach your aim.  Also, provide feedback to your practitioner.  Make notes as you notice changes, which you can then advise your therapist of on your next session.

Be Positive

Going into treatment/therapy expecting success and with determination gives you the positive energy that is more likely going to create success for you.  Having said that I have had very sceptical people come for hypnotherapy only to be surprised at how successful the treatment is. However, I do believe an open mind is a good mind-set to have.  It may help to take time to investigate the treatment you are seeking.  Once I explain how hypnotherapy works to my clients they relax and are surprised at how successful they were at going into trance and how it has helped the issue they came to address.

Don’t Leave it Too Long

If you have an issue such as an injury, a fear, anxiety or stress, seek help at an early stage.  By doing this you are looking after your mental and physical health.  Also it should mean that the issue will be resolved much quicker, saving you both time and money.  You will feel it was money well spent.

Give It Time

Sometimes (particularly in some therapies such as Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique) you may have a one session fix but in most cases you will need to commit to the sessions.  Your practitioner may not be able to say exactly how many sessions you will need – be prepared that some issues take time to resolve.

Finding a Good Practitioner

Whether it is a physiotherapist, chiropractor, hypnotherapist or any other type of therapist, word of mouth is a great way find a good practitioner.  Check out their website and testimonials. Also check out their credentials.  Ensure that you gel with your practitioner as good rapport is important. In fact if a good practitioner feels that you do not gel well together or that their treatment is not correct for you they will tell you.

Be Prepared to Spend on Your Well-Being

Many people undervalue their well-being and prefer to spend on a nice car or holiday – we all have choices but what price do you put on your own health?  If you lost your car or missed a holiday how much would that impact your life?  If you were not in good mental or physical health, how much would that impact your life?

Sometimes it Takes More than One

I am very happy to recommend other good therapists who I feel can help a client.  For example if I am working with a client on an injury with the Cold Laser Therapy who I feel would benefit from seeing a chiropractor or physiotherapist, I will make a recommendation.  I have a good network of therapists to call upon, most of whom I have personally used and, as I’ve said, a personal recommendation is the best kind.  Please note, however, that some treatments are best not mixed so always check with your practitioner if you wish to see someone else whilst being treated by them.


There will be treatments that you will gel with and others that you won’t.  As a Hypnotherapist often people expect a quick fix from me when there are deep underlying issues which need to be resolved to make long term progress.   A quick fix can sometimes be similar to putting a sticking plaster over a cut that needs stitches. I will advise my clients if underlying issues need to be addressed for success.

We are fortunate in Guernsey to have many good practitioners.  Given time, commitment and dedication to your issue solutions can be found.

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