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Freedom from Anxiety Workshops – “Techniques have helped me no end”

Anxiety can be all consuming.  What can start as minor anxiety can spread like wildfire throughout your life because of the way the brain ‘pattern matches’.  If it sees another event as similar to a previous anxious event, it believes you need to be ‘on your guard’ – this is the anxiety ‘fight or flight’ response.  The more time you spend ‘on your guard’ the more energy you are consuming and the more detrimental impact on your life, health and happiness.

Following success of working with one to one clients to overcome anxiety, I have developed workshops to help people overcome anxiety using a variety of techniques – much of which is working below the subconscious mind.  Also, participants gain a greater understanding of what are ‘their’ issues and what are not their issues to take on.

In these 2 hour workshops held over a 6 week period incredible progress is made which puts you back in your power again.

Participant Testimonial

“This six week course has been an invaluable aid to dealing with the daily struggle of anxiety. I never expected to connect with the bottles in the way I have and Ann’s very practical guidance and down to earth approach to the techniques have helped me no end. I have also met some wonderful people. Sign up, enjoy the colours, advice and learn to just breathe again!”




About Ann

ANN BOWDITCH is a member and trainer registered on the General Hypnotherapy Register and uses her skills to help people overcome many issues including stress, weight loss, cravings, addictions, anxiety, depression, insomnia, bullying and confidence issues.  Ann works in a unique way often by combining therapies tailoring sessions specifically for the individual.


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Ann Bowditch

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