Dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) effectively

For many people, stress is a part of life, and many of us have experienced it at some point. Depending on the circumstances, the intensity of the stress and tension felt by each individual may vary. From time to time however, if the event is extremely traumatic to the individual, the panic and anxiety they feel can become so intense that it overloads their capability to cope. Difficulties with everyday life can then develop and become persistent. This issue is typically diagnosed as PTSD; the effects can be both physical and psychological in nature and would normally have a considerable impact on their lives.

PTSD can be triggered by being involved any traumatic event – such as a tsunami, bombings, a car accident or being attacked. So while we tend to think of PTSD as being a problem for the armed forces, it can easily affect Joe public too. These ‘flashbacks’ can bring on long lasting symptoms that can have a major impact on everyday life.

‘Flashbacks’ felt by someone with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can trigger feelings of anxiety and stress. PTSD can commonly be accompanied by fatigue due to sleep problems and this makes it hard for the person to concentrate which in itself brings about problems at work and in the home.  Mental symptoms can also develop into depression and anxiety. This constant state of anxiety can also lead to physical symptoms, such as palpitations, gastrointestinal problems, high blood pressure and migraines.

The usual medical treatment given is in the form of anti-depressants or anxiety medication. This is generally enough to stabilise the sufferer, but long term success is mostly achieved when the underlying thoughts and triggers are resolved. Hypnotherapy can consequently be a great tool for long term healing. Hypnotherapy strategies are conducted in a calm environment where the person can feel safe to deal with the original event as they are in a relaxed trance state but completely in control.

Hypnotherapy allows them to become relaxed both in body and mind and most people enjoy being in a trance state. The additional benefit of being in hypnotherapy is that the hypnotherapist can work directly with the parts of the mind responsible for their psychological responses to the original event.

Generally, the first session is a chance for the hypnotherapist to understand how the individual is being affected, and the kinds of situations which might trigger ‘flashbacks’. The hypnotherapist can then work out how they might deal with the problems, the techniques they could employ and agree the plan with the individual.

The aim of hypnotheraputic techniques would be to do away with stress and the connected problems it is causing and additionally to enhance feelings of self-esteem and self-assurance. The idea is to change the persistent behaviours induced by the event into more appropriate ones that would be considered ‘normal’ in the circumstance. Hypnotherapy is a solution focused therapy and the client should begin to notice benefits inside a few sessions. So for anybody who is troubled by ‘flashbacks’ of a trauma, whether you have been formally diagnosed with PTSD or not, then seeing a hypnotherapist could be the start of your journey back to a regular, relaxed life.

Added to Hypnotherapy, the power of the other techniques Ann Bowditch uses including Emotional Freedom Technique, Percussive Suggestion Technique and the understanding and healing using Colour Mirrors – you receive a power-pack of therapy in a calm, supportive, non-judgemental and empathetic environment in the Hypnotherapy & Holistic Health studio.

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ANN BOWDITCH is a member and trainer registered on the General Hypnotherapy Register and uses her skills to help people overcome many issues including stress, weight loss, cravings, addictions, anxiety, depression, insomnia, bullying and confidence issues.  Ann works in a unique way often by combining therapies tailoring sessions specifically for the individual.

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