Hypnotherapy DOES work for weight loss : “Seven weeks after my first session, I have lost 24 pounds”

Are you sick and tired of dieting?  Perhaps you have tried diet pills or prescribed shakes from your doctor or the more drastic measures of surgery.  It really shouldn’t be necessary to resort to surgery or diet pills or even drastic dieting methods.  Our eating habits are the result of our connection with food.  Sometimes that connection starts at a very young age as we subconsciously pick up the habits and feelings around food from our parents.

Sometimes clients tell me that their parents took them to the doctor due to the fact that they were a little bigger than their friends but when they look back on photos of themselves, they weren’t actually much bigger and chances are they would have grown out of being a little heavier.   The restrictions they were put under to lose weight at an early age can result in a lifetime of eating issues.  Particularly when they get to the point where they have more control over food because they then feel that the way to take control back is to eat exactly what they want and as much as they want but what is happening is a loss of control and a difficult relationship with food.

Teenage years are a very common time for eating habits to change and to become an issue.  It’s a time when we become aware of our body shape more as it changes through puberty.  It’s also a time of criticism from friends and being looked at as an outcast if you don’t fit the mold.  The opposite sex start to show interest too so you become more self conscious.  There is huge pressure on youngsters to look a certain way.  If you felt pressure during those years, it might well be that your eating habits changed and so did your relationship with food.

Diets mess up your metabolism, as does skipping meals.  The body is very clever.  If you don’t feed yourself at regular intervals your body will start to store fat because it doesn’t know when the next meal is coming so a regular meal pattern is of benefit in helping to stabilise your metabolism.

As the weight goes on, your self-esteem and self confidence plummets. You don’t want to socialise because you are so self conscious.   You then go into a state of depression and lack motivation and will power to do anything about your self.

Food then becomes a release for stress despite the fact that, for many, it causes stress.  Whilst you are eating that chocolate or those crisps, you allow yourself to go into a type of trance, to forget about the stress for a while but then once you have finished eating, the stress comes back as does the guilt of over eating so now you feel stressed and guilty.  What if you could find other ways to release that stress bearing in mind that much of the stress you are carrying is years old?  I have found from working with my clients that by helping them to release stress that they have been carrying around for years they become less obsesses about food.

I also work with clients to release particular food cravings whether they are sweet or savory. Many people have an emotional attachment to food so by releasing that emotional attachment, you become free from that cycle of thinking about food so much, bingeing or craving certain foods.

This is what one client had to say about her experience in working with me to lose weight ”

I don’t believe it but I haven’t had the craving for quavers or chocolate and I’m so pleased, I had a stash of chocolates in my drawer and I haven’t had the thought process to even pick one out.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say to you thank you very much for all your hard work over this last month, I know I’m a hard nut to crack in many ways and it’s not easy to turn a sceptical, analytical person like me into a total convert but you’ve done it. I totally trusted you from day one (and believe me that’s not easy thing for me to do anyway) and you have done me a really good turn by doing your best for me. I’m actually very interested now in the way all this works and am really looking forward to your meta-health talk so you’ll see me then – hopefully a few pounds lighter! Sorry, no, you WILL see me there a few pounds lighter.


In addition, my Hypno-Gastric Band Weight Loss Therapy has been incredibly successful in helping people to change their mind-sets about food.  This is a ‘virtual gastric band’ which happens on session 3 of this powerful therapy.  There are a number of changes that you are asked to make in preparation for this therapy.  This therapy mirrors, as close as possible, to actually having the operation.  This is what one client said about the Hypno-Gastric Band Weight Loss Therapy:

My friend recommended Ann to me after she had lost weight and gained control of her eating with Ann’s help. Despite being nervous, I contacted Ann and got a warm welcome. Seven weeks after my first session, I have lost 24 pounds and am already feeling slimmer and fitter. Even better than that I feel confident that I have made lifestyle changes that will help me lose all of my excess weight without feeling like I am dieting or depriving myself. I would highly recommend Hypnotherapy & Holistic Health to anyone.
Mrs S

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Guernsey’s highly successful local hypnotherapist, Ann Bowditch from Hypnotherapy & Holistic Health is well qualified in hypnotherapy as well as other therapies and has as wealth of experience.

Ann is registered on the General Hypnotherapy Register – Trainer and Practitioner.  She uses her skills from hypnotherapy to Emotional Freedom Technique to help people overcome many issues including anxiety, depression, insomnia, health, weight and eating issues and confidence issues.  Ann works in a unique way often by combining therapies tailoring sessions specifically for the individual.

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